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I like it but when I want a money game its not there

Dont download! Worthless spam ads

Doesnt open app story, but instead spams you with crap browser ........this app will be pulled off the App Store soon.

Gay Much

I cant get anything it takes like a million hours to load and no search bar?! Youve got to be kidding me

To panda

We are entitled to our own opinions. And if we are given the option to write it down, we will, just like you wrote yours. And most people who need a search bar will find our commentary useful because waiting for hours to find a specific app not popular will take a while, and maybe its not even there to begin with because of how many apps there are. So if you dont like our reviews, keep it in you. Sure you can write your opinion, but to me, your opinion doesnt matter. Maybe this shouldnt matter to you either.

Agreed with NecroFlame

I agree because its a review. Its your opinion supported by details in the app. This means that we ARE entitled to our opinions like NecroFlame said. If you dont agree with the opinions and think their "jerks", just ignore it. You dont have to resolve to immature names. Just get on with it, its not going to affect your life in any way, your day in any way. Not all opinions are the same. Its why theyre called opinions in the first place..

Not worth downloading

In the preview pictures shows a lot more free games/apps and currently 1 free app. For games on sale never loaded after 6min. Also no language button to make it English since Im English. Thank you for your time.

Bad app

This bad when I try it will only let me see one app in Italy no games or other apps

Waste of storage

Has only one app to purchase and no language helper. All people 5 staring this are BOTS by the creator because he cant make an app

I only like games

It need a search bar and games cuz thats in there... pretty dumb as well same reason

Dont see much of an advantage

The pricing doesn’t appear to be kept up-to-date. The lists don’t change that much. The app itself looks very nice, but I don’t see much to set it apart from other apps of the same kind. It also is a little troubling that on the info page, it asks for developers to contact the company to promote their apps. It makes you wonder if they really do pick the best apps or they pick the developers that contact them.

HUH- cant read it

App advertised in English, with no indication that its not in English. All Apps named in English, but all descriptions in Spanish, I think. How stupid is that, and a waste of time too.


Once I downloaded the app, its in French and I can barely read English.

This is

This is fake. I went to one of the free games and i saw that it was alredy free and this app said it wasnt.!


This thing is awesome

Lousy app

It does not allow me to close the app. Keeps bugging me to download it.

Extremely useful but limited

They are off to a great start


There is only a selection of about 20 apps. No search bar. Do not download if you want a specific app

stop hating on the app

just because YOU dont like it or it doesnt do what YOU want doesnt mean it doesnt work you selfish jerks.


Im giving you 5 stars so that you guys can please add themeable on here !


Its awesome how you can get paid apps for free. The best part is, its in the App Store, which makes absolutely no sense. This could be a great alternative for vShare, AppCake, or any other paid app installer without jailbreaking.

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